Tessa Leadford
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Tessa Leadford  
The morning of February 21st 1997 should have found Baby Tessa smiling and full of life, ready to begin a new day. Instead, Tessa, only 13 months old, lay dying...alone in a play-pen.
Tessa's time here on earth was tragically short, and filled with unimaginable pain and cruelty. The day God called her home, she left behind a tiny, broken body covered in unspeakable injuries including: broken bones, bite marks, and a severe head injury. As well as, internal bleeding and bruising. Her father, who worked nights, admitted to violently abusing Tessa when her crying kept him awake.
For 19 days little Tessa suffered through horrifying abuse at the hands of the man she undoubtedly loved.
Today, Tessa rests in a quiet cemetery, with only a small homemade headstone to remind the world she ever existed at all. Upon which her name is misspelled. Her grave is in a heartbreaking state of neglect. It bares no flowers and sits silent...

Please take a moment to light a candle for Tessa...a little angel who it seems the world has forgotten.

"Death is not extinguishing the light, it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come."
~ R. Tagore

A poem for Tessa  

Where an Angel Belongs

What is Heaven like little Tessa?
Does the wind whisper lullabies?
Do you laugh in the sun and sleep amongst stars,
Are your cheeks kissed by butterflies?
Are the fields thick with flowers that refuse to wilt...
But instead bloom all year long?
When you wake in the morning from peaceful slumber,
Are greeted with the angel's gentle song?
When you need to cross the streets of gold,
Is it Jesus that holds your hand?
Does Heaven have oceans that tickle your toes when they rise to meet the sand?
Do the rain drops glisten like diamonds,
Are the rivers a deep sapphire blue?
Do the babbling brooks flow like satin,
And share quiet secrets with you?
This world was blessed with you Tessa,
But God couldn't bear to part with you for long...
So he picked you up and carried you home,
Which is right where an angel belongs.

Lacy Vaughn
- 2007 -

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