Tessa Leadford
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Tiny Tessa  / Candace Huber (None)

Tiny Tessa, You are not forgotten sweet baby girl you have many, many hearts gathering for you, and many more too come. I'm sorry you've had to wait but you've had good company while you did. God and his angels, and of course you've had Bev. And know you have us and we will always honor your memory Tessa. Rest easy, for if you don't deserve this who does. We love you.

Tessa... / Lacy Vaughn
Tessa, God has picked someone very special for you...she will make sure that you are never forgotten! You are loved and your are missed. Rest peacefully in Heaven beautiful girl!
Such A Precious Little Girl  / Kimberly F. (no relation )

When I read what happened to this precious little girl, my heart broke into a million pieces. I feel that it was so unfair that something so horrible had to happen to such a beautiful, innocent, helpless baby..she was just a baby. I am not sure of your relation to her, but I do pray that justice has and will be served for her and all of the many children that are helpless victims of child abuse. I am not really sure of what else to say, but the story of this little girl has broken my heart.

For tessa  / Janine Wustrau (None)  Read >>
For tessa  / Janine Wustrau (None)
Hello small tessa. I read your story. over and over again. I cry for days and can not stop. I see your picture. I see me again and again. your little smile. your eyes. you were so sweet. I'm so sorry what happened to you. He was your father ... I'm so sorry. I wish I could turn back time and help you. I wish you were still alive. I wish this page would not exist. how you would now look like? I hope there are few families members who remember you and never forget you. I hope someone takes care of your grave. you were so sweet. I was so happy to have been your mother. I would have protected you. I would so like to see photos of you. if they exist. it does not matter. I just hope that you'll never forget. I'll never forget even if it hurts terribly. it hurts so much to know that you are no longer there. I love you little Tessa๐Ÿ’– Close
BABY GIRL  / Gaby   Read >>
bay irl you were gonne to soon but you are in god kindom now and you will cry no longer and she will NEVER have to see those reched people again all she will see is the people who even though they dont know her love her and i hope to see you one day again sweet heart Close
To you from me <3  / J. Moore   Read >>
To you from me <3  / J. Moore
I don't cry about every story I read - although my heart does break a little more with each story.

Tessa with your story - I just find myself weeping - every time.

You are such a beautiful little angel - I wish that you were mine! I would love you and you would still be here! But I have to love you knowing that you are a little angel in heaven <3

Until we meet again sweet baby <3
My Heart was broken  / KELLIE CARTER (PASSER BY )  Read >>
My Heart was broken  / KELLIE CARTER (PASSER BY )
My heart was broken when I read of the terrible things that this beautiful baby had to go through. I can't even imagine how someone could hurt a baby or anyone for that matter. I have a 13 month old son myself and it just amazes me that Tessa was neglected and beaten the way she was. It is sad to think of how many children are treated this way. Tessa is in a much better place and she will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Close
sweet angel  / Karen Ivory (caring person )  Read >>
sweet angel  / Karen Ivory (caring person )
sweet angel, i wish you never had to go through tht stuff, your a special angel, your in heaven safe and free to do what you want, miss you angel Close
Tessa cries no more  / Donna Odom (Friend)  Read >>
Tessa cries no more  / Donna Odom (Friend)
For thirteen months a prisoner of horror.
In a dirty playpen Tessa will cry no more.
She had to go where babies fly,
She had to go where no one cries.
Too young to know how to pray,
God heard her cries and carried her away
Tessa / A. Cousin (Cousin)  Read >>
Tessa / A. Cousin (Cousin)

Your grand father is now in Heaven with you. I just know he is holding you and plaing with you.We all love you very much even if I didn't get the chance to meet you. I am so sorry your "mother and father" did such horriable things to you. You have always and will always be in my thoughts.



Sweet Angel  / Christina Kemp (Friend)  Read >>
Sweet Angel  / Christina Kemp (Friend)
You are such a beautiful sweet Angel, Miss Tessa Ann. You are now a princess in heaven. Shine on, my little light of mine, shine on. I wish you were here so I could hug and kiss all over you, baby girl. Close
Sweet Angel Tessa  / Rebecca Swank   Read >>
Sweet Angel Tessa  / Rebecca Swank
I found your story looking for relatives to my young sons.  It was on accident but I will  never forget you.  Your life was so short but just reading your story will leave an impact on my life that will last forever.  I will never forget you, you are a precious angel that only deserves to be with God and other angels just like you, not in this horrible world..  God bless you Tessa! Close
Info on Tessa for ladypegasus  / Julie Barto Kelseyspurpose.org (person who cares )  Read >>
Info on Tessa for ladypegasus  / Julie Barto Kelseyspurpose.org (person who cares )
I sent out some article for lady pegasus about precious Tessa. She got some justice, so you will have to read the articles I emailed you. Rest in peace precious girl.... Close
Little Angel  / Renee Barrett (New found Friend )  Read >>
Little Angel  / Renee Barrett (New found Friend )
My dear little angle, I can only imagine what you must have felt and thought. I am so sorry baby that there was no one there to save you. No one there to hear your cry. Perhaps in death you will be remebered and acknowledged like you should have been in life. Now you are home and feel no pain and I know now you have peace. I am sorry little girl that no one comes to visit your resting place, that no one seems to care. But I do. I will always carry you with me in my thoughts and hearts and I pray that you did not die in vain. That your death will make others see what happens to defenseless children across the country and that people are no longer blind so others may be saved.

If anyone knows where this angel is buried i would like to know, because I will visit her and bring her flowers. My email is Ladypegasus18@aol.com if you have any information. Close
to a special girl  / Kristina Krkovic (someone who cares )  Read >>
to a special girl  / Kristina Krkovic (someone who cares )

Even thou you had a to short life, you presency will never be forgotten.
You have a special place in my hard. Rest in peace, little angel.

precious little baby  / Michele (none)  Read >>
precious little baby  / Michele (none)
hiya tessa,im so sorry 2 hear of tragic and short life i only had a quick visit last night as i was on ur little angel friends skyla brooks  and was so upset i had 2 go away for a bit 2 reflect anyway i have came bk 2 leave u a wee msg telling u that  no matter what has happened 2 u before the sweet lord came and saved u from those ppl who done such horrible and vile things 2 u  i dont know why ppl have beautiful kids like u  only 2 abuse u u DONT AND DIDNT  deserve any of that and i  have some reasurance that  no harm in any way or form will ever touch u again u r now free 2 and for eternity u can laugh and play with all those other little angels up there  maybe 1 day when its my time 2 go ill have the privlige 2 meet u and all the other angels up there...  spread those tiny wing and fly tessa u can now laugh amoung the clouds my god how sad this is ill visit u again soon  bye tessa  luv michele xx Close
Dear Sweet Tessa...  / Mom Of ^j^ Jonathan Brewer (Friend...)  Read >>
Dear Sweet Tessa...  / Mom Of ^j^ Jonathan Brewer (Friend...)
Dear Sweet Tessa rest in peace little Angel.  You are safe in the arms of God and all the other Angels.  Your story is so sad.  I am truly sorry for your Grandmothers and the rest of your family.  Sweet dreams Angel...

Love to all...

As Jon would say...
Love Ya, See Ya, Bye,
A/K/A Jon's Mom